"Aceite de la Alcarria" Designation of Origin Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


FIDELCO ALCARRIA single-variety olive oil made from the Verdeja or Castellana olive, a variety not widely cultivated but one that produces outstanding quality oil, is a luxuriously select and unique culinary treat for the senses.

Predominantly lemon-green in colour, the intensity of its tone depends on how ripe the olives were when harvested.

Tasting notes: Fruity and aromatic with a full leaf fragrance that blends fresh-cut grass, hazelnut and banana and may sometimes be slightly peppery.



Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


FIDELCO Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is a masterful blend of the Verdeja, Cornicabra and Picual olive varieties. This Extra-Virgin Olive Oil's aroma combines olives, fresh herbs and hints of Mediterranean nuts and fruit, creating a harmoniously balanced oil with slightly peppery and bitter notes.



Virgin Olive Oil


FIDELCO Virgin Olive Oil is produced from high-quality olives using solely mechanical processes. It is a full-bodied, olive-flavoured oil with a maximum acidity of 1 degree.